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CDs Out The Wazoo Archive Bundle! Rare!

CDs Out The Wazoo Archive Bundle! Rare!

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As most of you know, The Cryptic Corporation have been overseeing the careers of The Residents since day one.  Over the years, everytime the Residents released a new product, The Cryptics added some copies to the band’s official archive.  But since the Residents have been making music now for over 50 years, the archives are overflowing!

So, the Cryptic Corporation and The Residents have decided to release some of these items to you, the fans.  First up is the “CDs Out The Wazoo Archive Bundle”.  Each bundle will include 6 random, different  CDs from The Cryptic archives.  Each CD will be marked with a special holograph that indicates that it is an official copy from the band’s archive.  They come housed in an nice bag and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that has been signed by The Residents as well as Homer Flynn, president of the Cryptic Corp.  Even Santa Dog has added a stamp of his little paw print. 

The CDs are random and are from the bands own archive.  There are very few of these bundles being offered.  Once they are gone, they are gone for good.  Don’t delay!  Get your piece of Residents history today!

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