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Original Santa Dog in Carved Wooden box (no original cover)

Original Santa Dog in Carved Wooden box (no original cover)

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When The Residents did the initial pressing of 500 for Santa Dog, their first release, they decided the covers had to be hand silkscreened. Working in their studio at 18 Sycamore Street in San Francisco, they hung lines with clothespins for the prints to dry. Unfortunately one of these lines couldn't bear the weight of the prints and collapsed, destroying approximately 100-150 covers and leaving a large number of records coverless. Over the years the majority of these were given away or sold until the ambitious and diligent Dustin Edwards volunteered to hand carve covers for the remaining 15 or so pairs of original Santa Dog records. This is the first time one has been offered for sale.

Only one of these is currently being offered for sale.  It comes with a certificate of authenticity that indicates that this copy comes from the official Residents and Cryptic Corporation Archives.  The Certificate has been signed by The Residents and Homer Flynn (President of the Cryptic Corp).

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