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Ozark - Vinyl 2xLP

Ozark - Vinyl 2xLP

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After The Resident’s Bunny Boy studio album was made the story continued with more videos, and more songs being written and performed on stage. These songs were released as the limited edition CD “Arkansas” and the download only album “Ozan”. Here they are. All together and on vinyl for the first time ever.

In 2008, The Residents began possibly their most ambitious project entitled The Bunny Boy. At its heart it was an episodic web series, with installments premiering on YouTube and the Residents official site three days a week. The genesis of the project was an old acquaintance of The Residents coming back into their lives after a long absence. They received a bizarre collection of videos of a man pleading for help to find his brother. The Residents recognized their old friend, and decided to help by retelling his story so that it would reach more people.

25 tracks on two Multi Color Vinyl LPs

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